Though my soul will set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

The following is my story. You don`t have to believe it, it doesn’t make it any less truthful. I see spirits/ ghosts (whatever makes you tickle) since I was 15. I feel them, hear them and see them around me. I have received messages from loved ones who passed away, and warnings.

I have avoided my senses for 10 years, thinking that people will label me crazy. Then something happened, which made me realize that if you let yourself enjoy the darkness, you will see the light.

I moved into an apartment, and the first couple of months went calm and fine. Then one night, I was awoken by something, which terrified me. I woke up suddenly, just as if someone would have shaken me up. I felt refreshed and scared. I felt a male spirit around me, walking up and down my long hallway, not getting the rest every spirit deserves. He felt tall and very very angry. An urge came over me to get up fast and walk to the kitchen, pour a glass of water, and just stand in the kitchen. And so I did for a month. Woke up every night, went to the kitchen, and stood there for an hour with a glass of water. It took a bit of time for me to realize that this angry manly spirit needed me, and he started to calm down.

So, from that time forward, I could never disconnect myself from the other side. I love the darkness, my soul, nature and how we feel things, and the connections to others. I could never neglect that today. I love witchcraft, the senses we have, and the power of nurturance.

I love the magic which lives inside of us. I believe that we all have magic inside, real magic that we read about during childhood. I also believe that we are able to control our environment and can achieve more than what we made believe.

I hope that you will like my little house here and that you will live up to your full potential in every way. Love yourself, love nature, and love every sense you have in your body. You are here for a reason, and I am pleased. Never be embarrassed by your discoveries, and not be discouraged if the road is a bit rocky.

Let’s share this lifetime with magic, love, and witchcraft.

Love you from the far, Hedvig

TikTok; @hedvigbaumga