Spellcrafting, Beginner's Guide by Gerina Dunwich


One does not need to be initiated into any mystery cults, swear an oath of dedication to any god or goddess, denounce or convert to any religion, or even wear the label of a Witch or Wiccan in order to be a spell crafter. But among the things that are required, the most important ones are an open mind, true desire, and will, patience, self-conviction, courage to follow what is within one's heart, and the maturity to take responsibility for one's own actions. The casting of spells is an ancient art that has played an important role in many cultures and religions throughout the world. This book is designed to be a guide to the history, philosophy, ethics, and practical application of spell crafting. Written with the novice-to-intermediate student in mind, it covers all areas of folk magick in an explorative and unbiased manner. A 5.9 x 7.4 Paperback book with 256 pages.